What’s new at 46U Winter 2018

Fall turns to Winter Once again the fall colors were spectacular. Surrounding the Airpark, the mountain maple and aspens made the already stunning, downwind for Runway 13, even more so. Now a colorful memory as winter starts to dominate the landscape with the first snow welcomed at the Airpark in November. This weekend looks [...]

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Airpark Living

Airpark Living: An inside look into some of the country’s most popular, developing Airparks. By Grant Boyd October 29, 2018 Twin & Turbine Feature Owning a personal aircraft affords operators an immense amount of flexibility, freedom, and time-savings – the type of which non-aviators can only imagine. However, a select few owners take the [...]

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The Path to Totality, the Total Eclipse

The Path of Totality at 46U! August 21st 2017, a day to remember at Alpine Airpark. Residents, their families and friends were fortunate to witness one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. It truly was a spectacular experience, where we felt the impact of the sun being shut off [...]

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America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful!Once again Alpine Airpark celebrated the 4th of July in a way only 46U could do! A great bar-b-que and entertainment, including our very own resident patriotic presentation on the meaning of American Independence and American Exceptionalism and a rousing rendition of This Land is Your Land by our Airpark guitarist and [...]

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